Hi! I'm Joey Madru.


I'm the COO of Authentic Koaching LLC.


I serve as the strategic integrator of our vision, as well as the architect of our operational excellence. I translate our ambitious goals into tangible outcomes, ensuring that our programming, marketing, and business development efforts resonate with our core objectives. I help grow our client base by identifying new business opportunities and revenue streams. I build and nurture 

Most of all, I love helping our clients live the good life. And as COO, I am committed to ensuring that every strategy, every interaction, and every decision we make moves us closer to that goal.

I'm so glad you're here.

At Authentic Koaching LLC, we help Nurse CEOs live the good life with life and business coaching in a customized, high-touch service model. We aim to help our clients do good AND do well. Our goal is to help other nurses make $10 Million in business ownership and private practice across the country, and we are well on our way.