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Koach Training

APN expertise + Coaching Tools = Your Future

This program will teach you exactly how to combine your APN expertise with coaching tools and 10x your impact on patients and clients.


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Who is this for?

Before I tell you anything about this program, let's make sure if this is for you..

 Koach Training was designed for the NPs, CNMs, and CRNAs who are the movers and shakers of healthcare like you. They have no shortage of determination, they desire to do good in the world, and they want more freedom and flexibility in their lives so they can improve their impact without sacrificing their quality of life.

They are also the NPs, CNMs and CRNAs who want to make more money so they can build financial stability AND wealth TODAY. They're tired of waiting for a measly bonus or for their employer to realize how much value they create EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

They want to do good AND do well.

And they won't be bothered by the red tape, administrative BS and shitty healthcare systems getting in the way.

In other words, if you are..

1. The Curious APN

"Tell me why."

You constantly ask "why" and for good reason. You challenge the status quo and make others think outside the box. You get frustrated when you don't have enough time to dig into the root cause, and you love seeing "a-ha" moments in your patients and clients. Learn how to repurpose your curiosity to help others get to the root of their problem--FAST.

2. The Strategic APN

"Let's make a plan."

You're the Nurse who is organized and thoughtful. You LOVE learning, seeking input from the experts and thinking deeply through a process. You use a step-by-step approach, and you aren't afraid to dream big and connect the dots. Learn how to use deep thinking to help your clients reach complicated goals with manageable steps and less overwhelm.

3. The Relationship APN

"I can help them feel better."

You love to help others grow by inspiring them and building relationships. Your enthusiasm is palpable. You bring out the best in your patients and clients, and you know just how to respond to what they need. Learn how to use your relationship-building skills to help your patients and clients reach their goals and stand out from the crowd.

Then you're in the right place.

Inside Koach Training, you'll get..


A Superpower Assessment

and a 1:1 strengths session to develop your coaching style and presence

Weekly Koach Training

so you know exactly how to coach and help your patients and clients obtain results

A Private Community

so you meet other APNs who are using coaching to live the good life

Trainings & Workbooks 

in a private member portal so you can learn how to help your clients reach their goals

A Blueprint for Your Business

to help you build a coaching business with a step-by-step approach

A 2 Day LIVE Training

September 19-20, 2024 in Cleveland, OH to help you create success and momentum 

Individual & Group Coaching 

so you get focused attention and feedback in addition to group learning

1 Year Access to NLTGL

so you have plenty of time to get coached and observe how to coach

ANCC Credit

so you can do good and do well while earning CME time

The Koach Training LIVE Kickoff Event: 9/19-9/20

in Cleveland, Ohio


One of the main differences between this program and other online coaching programs is that we will meet in person for 2 days where you're going to learn the art of science of coaching--together.

That means you receive hands-on support, time and opportunity to work in a small group setting, with Ann & other NPs, to learn how to use A Koach Approach. 

But above all else..

In Koach Training, you'll learn how to combine what you love about being an APN with the freedom, flexibility and unlimited earning potential that being a coach offers.

It's amazing.



Koach Training Will Change Your Life.


Because let's be clear..

Koach Training isn't about doing more; it's about using what you already know as an APN, combining it with coaching techniques and making a whole new opportunity for yourself.

And that's why this program is so effective.

Koach Training compliments all of your training, expertise and Nursing wisdom while adding in coaching tools and techniques to help your clients reach their goals more quickly.

Koach Training uses a process called A Koach Approach.

A Koach Approach includes 3 easy steps.


  1. Leverage your Superpowers
  2. Learn how to get unstuck--FAST
  3. Upgrade your operating system

Is it really that simple?

Yes, it really is.

Because here's the thing.. 

When you can show your clients how to use their superpowers to their advantage, you can help them accelerate their growth. And when you combine that with teaching them how to outsmart their brain, they're UNSTOPPABLE.

Now, combine all of that with your expertise as an APN, and the world is your f*cking oyster.

I am not joking.

Is coaching calling you?


Let's not wait another minute

to embrace coaching as the next step on your professional journey.

When you're ready, click below and sign up for this program.


As a member of Koach Training, here's what you'll get every single month:

1. Live Koaching Calls

In every step of your journey, you'll have questions. In Koach Training, you'll have a place to get the answers during our weekly Office Hour sessions. This is your ultimate chance to eliminate confusion and keep building your coaching skills. These sessions will help you refine your skills as a coach and navigate a coaching practice startup.

2. Learning Modules

There will be times when you need specific support to keep moving forward, and in Koach Training, you have access to over 100 hours of coaching sessions and training modules in Nurses Living the Good Life so you can learn to coach by observation, develop your confidence, and start your coaching practice with a simple process.

3. Small Group Support

One of the most effective ways to learn to coach is to get coached and surround yourself with other coaches. In Koach Training, you get the benefit of being around other APNs  who who want to combine healthcare skills with coaching tools to improve outcomes, change lives and do well. You won't find another community for APNs like it. 

4. Access to NLTGL

When you join Koach Training, you get automatic access with a one year membership to Nurses Living the Good Life, my group coaching program for Women APNs. In NLTGL, you get access to weekly live coaching, in depth trainings and over 100 hours of coaching topics to help you deepen your coaching practice and observe coaching.

5. Live Koach Training Calls

Becoming a coach means learning how to coach, and you will spend time every month learning the art and science of coaching tools. Once you learn the tools, you will begin logging hours of supervised coaching. After that, you will log hours coaching others. By the end of the program, you'll be working with your first clients.

6. Business Setup Tools

Building a coaching practice is an important part of Koach Training, and in this program, you'll learn the foundational elements of starting and growing a coaching practice with the goal of making your investment back by the end of the 6 months. This is your chance to ensure your success  AND help you use your coaching skills to live the good life.

Take a peak inside..


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In their words..

Let's not wait another minute.


This program was created for the NPs, CNMs, and CRNAs who want to do good work in the world AND do well for themselves by adding on coaching as a skillset.

So, if you're tired of the on call life, the tears of frustration, and wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own, you're going to want to join Koach Training so you can get going on your journey as a coach--TODAY.

Don't wait another minute.

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See you on the inside!


Just imagine..

  • Incorporating coaching tools to help your patients get better faster
  • No more RVU drama
  • Having a simple approach to building a coaching practice
  • Getting help at each and every step along the way
  • Knowing how to build a coaching practice with a strategy for success
  • Being surrounded by other Women APNs who are out there using use coaching practices to create more freedom, flexibility and income than ever before

Got questions?

I've got answers.

Ready to Join Us?


There has never been a better time to learn to coach..


Furthermore, your patients and clients are waiting for you to help them change their lives with support that they aren't getting in a traditional health care model.


So look..

How about you get started on your next chapter today?

No more waiting around.

No more thinking about it.

Sign up today to learn how to coach and let's f*cking go.

And in the words of Taylor Swift..

"Don't say I didn't warn ya.."


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Your future is waiting.